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Witness Blog: Desteni Is A Leader In Proper Psychology

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Self forgiveness was sheer enjoyment.  I was clearing up the messy experience of myself, on my own terms, writing my own curriculum to sort out my own life.  I did not have to wait any longer for someone to save me, I could help myself now.  The one suggestion of self forgiveness, self honesty, self corrective application was not a way to brainwash me; I was being invited to do the opposite as I was shown by giving the tools a chance for a significant amount of time of several months, regularly writing self forgiveness statements about points that I could not run away from anyway, frustrating events, that Desteni actually gave a suggestion that works to release myself from my reactions.  I began to see how I could work out a solution to this world, by first working out solutions for myself for my own problems.  But I had to be self honest when writing or else the release did not occur, I would make the same mistake – if the mistake was a weekly mistake, I would make the same mistake weekly until I was specific enough to be able to write out and script my own self correction and actually do it.

Together with reading the articles published, listening to the interviews, I found that the way I was speaking and placing words was becoming more precise and I was able to articulate myself more clearly.  Before Desteni, my thoughts were a blurry experience.  Through practicing the tools, I was able to stop and examine critically my own thoughts, and if trivial I was able to stop them, I was able to write about them to understand my own thoughts, to answer the question for myself once and for all: is this thought supporting me in reality or not?

From knowing vaguely that I am flawed, to being able to describe and deconstruct my own flaws was mind blowing.  The articles I read and the interviews I listened to invited me to investigate Life, what is really important and what exactly are the flaws of human nature, starting with my own.  Through a process that is shared, so that I am held accountable for the words I write, the timeline indicates in my own structuring of words more specificity and detail of myself as my Mind.  I am more capable of catching other people’s lies as a side effect of catching my own lies through self honest self forgiveness.

Desteni is a leader in research in the current model of human behaviour, evidenced by how I have changed because of writing self forgiveness, and the countless moments of support as perspectives shared by Desteni through articles and interviews on facets of human nature.